Welcome to the quest of 🌱 ”veganizing” over 50% of all humans on planet Earth by 2030!

We envision 2030 as the year humans worldwide understand Veganism as a vital, inspiring, and necessary choice. By then, over 50% of people on planet Earth shall embrace it willingly, rather than being repulsed by it.

Ready to become the healthy, joyful and truly inspiring vegan Hero you're meant to be?

We are an online community of empowered vegan Heroes and offer a courses, designed to revolutionize your vegan activism. Our courses educate and empower you to become a truly inspiring and impactful vegan Hero, capable of saving more non-human animals and helping planet Earth heal faster!

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing for Vegans & Activists by Jun Fuchs

    In a still vystopian world, we Vegans face a lot of mental health challenges. As Activists, we often experience frustrations, anger, sadness, hopelessness and even depression sometimes. This self-paced course teaches you all the skills to create mental stability, emotional resilience, and inner balance. You learn how to become more inspiring, impactful and "veganize" the world faster, whilst feeling deeply empowered.

    Handling Non-Vegan's Objections by Carol Dillon

      This course helps you understand the reasons people object to becoming Vegan and provides you with the right answers in every debate, discussion and conversation.

      The Art of Vegan Blogging by Fee O'Shea

        This course teaches you how to start, build, market, and grow a successful vegan blog! Learn how to use AI to create articles, optimize them for your audience and re-purpose your blogposts into all formats needed for your social media presence.

        Inspire as a Vegan Public Speaker by Jun Fuchs

          This course teaches you how to speak to the public like a pro! This is your chance to refine your art of speech and learn the tricks to speak with clarity and confidence, both online and offline.

          The Art of Conscious Relating by Jun Fuchs

            The 6-week online course to help you clarify your boundaries, truthfully own your intentions and with that heal the relationship to yourself + all your friends, partners & lovers.

            Our Giving-Back! Philosophy

            Not only do we help Vegans elevate their impact wildly, we also give back 10% of our profits to our non-human animal friends.

            We partner with sanctuaries and vegan NGOs worldwide to support them financially. 10% of your monthly membership fee ($25) is sent directly to our partners. Each month, we select new partners to include in our partnership program.

            All partners will also be introduced and showcased on our social media and website. Keeping it transparent, clear, honest, and direct! Since our team is all over the earth, we aim to visit our partners in person and record videos, both as proof and to raise awareness for our partners.

            Meet the Vreedom! Team

            We're a team of vegan Heroes driven and united by the vision of "veganizing" over 50% of all humans on planet Earth by 2030! We envision it as the year humans worldwide understand Veganism as a vital, inspiring, and necessary choice.

            The Vegan Changemaker Podcast

            Discover new ways to elevate your vegan impact and hear life-changing stories from some of the most impactful & inspiring vegans ever! On the "Vegan Changemaker Podcast", we talk about vegan activism, animal rights, mindfulness, emotional wellbeing, mental health, personal growth, inner healing and spirituality.